Lost in Boston

Dia duit

This is a very late post. Nonetheless, if you guys know how rare we post on this blog, this should be expected *winks*.

C and P went to Boston last December. Yup, just the two of us.

We've always wanted to visit Boston. Especially, for our mom, Boston is no.1 on her must-visit list. There's something about the city that attracts our family members. Perhaps it's the Ivy League vibe (our parents ah-dore Harvard, then again whose parents don't). Perhaps it's the seafood (we love seafood, except P), Perhaps it's the rich history (C, dad, and mom get enthusiast when talking about history). But above of all, we guess that it's the idea of "past meets present" aura that makes Boston so attractive to us.

It's definitely unfortunate that our family members couldn't go with us, but we still enjoy Boston! It's a GREAT city indeed. We know we just can't dislike it because the city has such an awesome transportation system, which is a bless for us, first-time visitors without a car.

We arrived at night and directly got to our hotel, the Omni Parker House, which turned out to be solo close to Boston Common! So, we decided to visit the park right away! This was around 10 PM, guys...

An ice skate rink in the park! It's a dream come true. We've always wanna (at least) see one.

So, what should be our first breakfast in Boston?

The answer is Paramount Bistro on Charles Street (Beacon Hill). This place receives great review on Yelp, but frankly it didn't stand up to the hype. It was cozy, nice breakfast place, but the food was moderate. C had omelet and fruit cup, while P had pancake and butter. They did look nice though!

Walked uphill along the Charles Street. Good view, but a little too slippery.

We took a 30-minute train ride to Wellesley, a town outside Boston...

...to eat Thai food.
Lol, no. C had an interview with Babson College, her dream school.

This was the train station, everyone.

You have no idea how excited we were for Bonchon Chicken (though we had to travel back from Wellesley to Harvard Square)!
Yes, Bonchon is pretty common in Jakarta, but we don't have this heavenly chicken in Seattle, so it's really been a long time for us.

Granary Burial Ground where many American patriots rested.

The Thinking Cup cafe was a nice experience.
C had Hazelnut Latte (which was amazing, recommended!) and Chocolate Bonbon. P had Tiramisu and no drink since she's not a coffee drinker.

Look what we found in Boston Tea Party Museum Store.

Couldn't miss the New England Aquarium...which turned out to be...okay.
It was a small exhibition. Plus, we felt sad when seeing the seals. They looked bored.

Bunch of Lovelace-s *squeals* 

Ready to embark to MIT 

The area definitely gave you an educated vibe.
It was quite except for students rushing on bikes or walking fast from building to building.

Encountered this T-shirt at MIT Bookstore

Harvard Book Store where we came across, well, Harvard-published books.

We had Bonchon again that night and reflected how MIT and Harvard campus seemed so contrast. To us, it was studious (MIT) vs lively (Harvard).

Boston Old City Hall...which was turned into a steak house.
Nevertheless, a beautiful building.

Morning tea at Davids Tea, a good fusion tea place, though was not C's favorite 'cause she preferred more Eastern style.

Harvard, everyone!
Where's Elle Woods?

This is Boston Cream Pie, the original one, which was first served at the hotel we were staying.

Georgetown Cupcakes that we obtained at Newbury Street
They were the best cupcake we ever had, really!

Our hotel lobby interior was beautifully vintage!

Lunch at Taiwan Cafe which served super delicious Chinese food! Too bad the place was very cramped

Hello, Faneuil Hall

Under the balcony is the site of Boston Massacre.
Notice this building is among the modern high rise buildings.


Update after the trip: C got wait listed by her dream school (see above). It was definitely disappointing as she really fell in love with Boston during the trip and hoped she could actually live in the area. She was still hopeful.

No matter what, Boston, we'll visit you again!


The 2013 Fashion U

привет (privet)

Looking back to a few of our old blog posts, it seems that we're losing our interest in fashion. Maybe yes, maybe not.

True, that we barely have time for fashion blogs, but that doesn't mean we stop trying to dress nicely. The truth is, our focus fashion of fashion has shifted. We're saying goodbye to #OOTD and hello to fashion retail.

As we're studying business, the idea of reaching out most people seeped into our mind. For long, we have been questioning the idea of style and brands, which is more important in fashion? Should people resort to faux products in order to be considered fashionable?

Not that we doubt high fashion. Many designers are incredible people in our eyes. Coming up with various ideas for every season is not something that everyone can do and they definitely deserve recognitions for that. Nevertheless, that does not mean that fashion should be seen as something that only people who can afford it to enjoy.

We see retail fashion gives as a way for fashion to reach outside those who can afford high fashion.

If we're about to do something regarding retail fashion, we think we need to dive deeper into fashion industry. Therefor, when C saw the Teen Vogue Fashion U 2013 advertisement in the magazine, she bought it was a great chance to get an introduction to the industry; meeting with those who have similar interest and learning from those who are experienced.

She was pessimistic that she would be accepted, considering her knowledge about designers and brands is at the low level, but she applied anyway. She surprisingly got in! Thus, with the motivation of thirst for knowledge, she flew by herself to NYC.

Words are not enough to describe how happy and thankful C is for being allowed to get such experience!

The session with Thakoon Panichgul was definitely memorable to her. As South East Asians, we adored Thakoon. He is an inspiration that is as if cheering to us that, "Hey, event though you're from half a world away, you can do it too!" In addition, we are more motivated knowing that he used to study business. He has successfully shown that possessing skills and knowledge beyond fashion can actually contribute to fashion itself and that, "Passion will find its way." - Thakoon Panichgul

The session with Dean Mickelwhite and Anna Wen from Express also stay intact in C's mind. After a whole day hearing from high fashion designers, C really looked forward into listening to what people from retail fashion had to say. From watching the introductory video, C had already liked the idea of a mass runway show that Express held at Times Square. Rather than exclusive and sophisticated, the show was sensational and enthusiastic. Attending the session only excited C's interest for fashion retail and she couldn't less agree with one of Anna Wen who stated that she liked the idea of having her creations in many stores nationwide and on various people on the streets rather than in particular places and on merely some people.

Last but not least, listening to Phyllis Posnick of Vogue, too, was memorable. We used to be cynical about magazines who refuse to use plus-size models, but as Phyllis Posnick mentioned, some large sizes may show unhealthiness. Thus, there's no harm really in consuming healthier food as long as we do it for our health instead of trying to ease away our physical appearance insecurity. We're doing it too! (At least we're trying our best)

On the side note, before flying back to Seattle, C decided to channel her inner nerd side. She visited the American Museum of Natural History, a place which she had always wanted to visit but P was never interested in.

All in all, an unforgettable 2-day weekend getaway for C!