That Summer in Seoul


How's everyone been doing? We sincerely hope you are doing well, wherever you are, whoever you are... Haha!

This post is kind of special. As we're typing this (well, one of us handles the keyboard, two people can't type at the same time on the same keyboard), we are already at Shoreline! In case any of you don't know, and trust us it is totally understandable since it's not a big city, Shoreline is a city of the North side of Seattle, Washington. It is a nice and calm small city, extremely different than the metropolitan Jakarta. We'll share more about our new life on the next post, which we don't know when we'll be able to post it due to our hectic schedule (have we mentioned we're college kids now? hurr to the ay!)

It's fall now in U.S, even though some parts of the country have already experienced snow. Particularly here, in Shoreline, the weather is toooo coooold! These days, everyday is somewhere between 5-15 Celcius! (We are still not accustomed to Fahrenheit) Although there's sun, the sky is mostly grey, making us miss summer.

Yes, this year we experience summer. No, by 'summer' we don't mean the everyday-sun that we always have in Indonesia. We actually get to feel the summer hype because we went to Seoul last June! A dream come true? Well... We may say so. Though we have been to Seoul once back in 2007, this time, this trip felt special because, oh you guys know this, we're both a huge fan of Korean music (or K-Pop, does 'Gangnam Style' ring a bell?)!

The trip was a BLAST! We went with our Mom, aunts, an uncle, and cousins, 8 females and 1 male. How's that sound? The suitable word would be "FUN"!

Hope you like holiday photos! (No? Don't scroll down...!)

The beauty of Jeju Island
A must-visit destination in Korea

In Jeju Island, Teddy Bear Museum can't be missed.

Louis Vuitton-ed Teddy Bear,
is claimed as the most expensive Teddy in the world, obviously

A labyrinth can also be found in the island.
From the entrance, try to find your way to the center of the maze where you should ring the bell to announce your success, so much fun!

Hiking, on our way to Namsan Tower!

Namsan Tower a.k.a N-Seoul Tower
Not as high as we imagined when we saw it on Korean dramas.

The famous keys of love ♥

So many keys that they make trees of keys.

More Teddys at Namsan Tower... Koreans seem to love Teddy Bear a lot!

We were that far from home???

A part of Seoul

Our very own love key!
P drew the three siblings LOL


Myeongdong area, shop, shop, shop (that explaines the lack of photos, eh?)
We saw no american-style clothing's, pure korean-style clothing which screamed "pretty"! We found it was so hard to not spend all our wons here.


Random pictures that P managed to (secretly) snatch during our visits to random stores at COEX Mall


Dongdaemun Stationery Market
A hidden heaven of cute pencil case, pens, notebooks, dolls, toys, you name them!


Must-read in Seoul: Korean fashion magazine!

Another cafe stop in one day, this is Cube Cafe.
A very famous cafe among K-pop fans, as it is owned by an entertainment company and the 2nd floor is the singers' practice room.

Patbingsoo (Korean shave ice) Cube Cafe style

There is no way we went to Seoul without fangirl-ing.
We went to the local TV station to watch the live recording of a very famous music show where we got to see many singers.

The most rising Korean girl group. C and our cousin got to attend their 'fanmeeting', it was an event where the singers met the fans to answer questions, chat, take picture, etc.

Samgyupsal a.k.a three-layered meat.
Super delicious and was one of the most unique eating experience! Grill the meat, put it on the lettuce, also put onion and kimchi on it, wrap it, dunk it in your mouth. Don't forget to slurp the miso-like soup.
Officially declared as our new favourite food!

"Tosokcan" Samgyetang,
is often named the best chicken-ginger soup in town.
A bowl cost about 15,000 KRW and it tastes...superb! The long queue of hungry people outside the traditional-themed restaurant told us how good it was.

"When in Seoul, do as the Seoulites/Seoulers/Seoulnians (?) do."
And that meant, dinner beside the Han River. We had Seoul's Pizza Hut pan pizza and coke.
Thanks to Lee Eunji who taught us this!

The pretty lady is Lee Eunji, our kind friend we'll never forget!

No, we haven't visited all the good places in Seoul, namely 'Idae' (Ehwa University area) and Hongdae.
That's why we plan to come back again... Soon!


titaz said...

waaah liburannya menyenangkan hihihi.
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Hello from Indonesia!

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Must be so much fun! I want to visit Korea again! xx


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envy you two already!
all the picture seem so great, look so fun, and enviable! :P

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envy :(

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Seems you had a great time!
So lucky!
Mind to follow each other?

Jessie xx

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I really like your hair, and those Graphic tees for women are beautiful!

Frenie Agbayani said...

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Korea is really a nice place to visit. I hope that I can someday visit there too. Well, I'm from India by the way.


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I'm a fan of this korean group. They are so pretty and lovely especially in their cute Dresses.

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