A Little Trip to the Fremont Hood

'Sup, you!

Finals are over, and our very own P took off to the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle to check out what it's like. Too bad it's winter and she had to make the trip short if she wanted to get home before dark.

P rode on a no. 5 bus and missed her stop (for the umpteenth time), and so she ended up walking a few blocks. Don't be like her and make sure you know where to get off each time you ride the bus!

Anyway, she strolled around the N 35th street area, and got too excited wandering around. This part of Fremont was so lovely — antique shops and consignment boutiques lining up the street, with a fair amount of pretty caf├ęs and yum eating places. Unleash the pics...

Theo Chocolate's very own factory!
(3400 Phinney Avenue North, Seattle WA 98103)
P saw a factory-looking brick building, and went for it. Apparently there's this pretty famous U.S. chocolate brand, Theo, and P just happened to stumbled upon their factory. Talk about luck!

Their chocolate bars come in fun flavors like sea salt and chili.
And notice those plastic boxes? Customers get to walk around trying different flavors!
A... packet.
Gotta get a few for the folks back home.
Moving on, remember the antiques mentioned above?

Old vinyl records! Those round black thingy that people before 2000s listen to? They're stocked in front of Jive Time Records.
(3506 Fremont Ave. N, Seattle WA 98103)
Right next to the vinyls, there's a small rack of reads from the store next door, Ophelia's Books. The place is tiny and used books are crammed into wooden shelves, the classic style. Even if you're not fond of books, this lovely store is worth checking out!

And then P smelled some nice stuff going on right across the bookstore (I knowww! The places are so closely placed one another), she just had to follow it.

Was supposed to take a picture of the 'Pie' store plank, but the cool frame was in the way and P didn't mind.
Yup, a gourmet pie place!

A 'Turkey Pot Pie', fresh from the oven! One pie is enough to make you full, but P recommends the English Meat pie for meat lovers like herself.
But remember that at the end of the day, the highlight will always be the clothes. There's a lot of vintage boutiques in the area, but the sky was getting too grey and P failed to take decent pics, hence the lack of photos...

Oh well, you get the idea.
Fremont Vintage Mall is THE ultimate vintage store in Fremont, we tell you!
(3419 Fremont Place N, Seattle WA 98103)
The vintage heaven is located in the basement. Cool walls, no?

Tweed coats, vintage leather bags, roller blades, John Lennon-style shades... the whole place is like a photo shoot set. P went here at the end of her trip, and it sealed the day perfectly.


Anya Sinta said...

im drooling right now looking at those tempting photos :D
great photos anw :)

Brenda evans said...

hey long time no see! thanks for u comment :)
i really enjoyed looking thru these pics, P & C.
btw, do u have a cousin or relative going to bhk? lol if im not mistaken,a person from ur prev post looks like my junior :P

keep in touch! <3

Rimma Izzaty Putri said...

hey C&P <3
i looking a book by khalil gibran huhuhuwww
love this post <3

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Jenny / Rocknrollerr said...

This is very nice!

X Jenny

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Looks like a fun trip! xx


jslimanjaya said...

Hi there :)
yes, Shanghai is so worth to visit!
You may go to xi tian di. Especially at night. And you can get there by Metro (subway). Or by taxi, cuz even taxi isn't that pricey there. Don't forget to eat xiao long bao!
And there are a lot of nice cafes and bars. Such as Music Room in the 92nd floor of Financial Tower, and try wooden box cafe too.
Oh! and you have to eat at Element Fresh. Especially for brunch. You can find it at malls. For the locals, it's quite expensive, but for Indonesian, I should say, it's so worth it. Besides its freshness, it's also in a big portion.


I can't wait to see you shanghai post!


jslimanjaya said...

by the way. Follow each other, shall we? :)

Mitha Komala said...

great shots dear! seems like a fine city <3 xx

Letters To Juliet

JANET said...

Hi C been a faithful stalker here ;) Anw does the vintage mall sell things we see in tumblr? ;;)

Wita Noviani said...

what a fun trip! I wish I could visit it someday. You might want to check out my latest post, view and don't forget to leave a comment :)

thank you -WN

Caroline Susanto said...

love the book store and vintage part! :D looks like a fun trip :D happy new year ^^


Claireta Teressa said...

seens great


putri soe said...

what i like about Aussie is they have all the coolest little individual places! gaaah i so wanna go there someday and meet you guys! hahaha

anyway thanks for the nice comment, you two. hope you have a great school year and nice experiences. hoping to see those changes soon enough! :)

cheers from Jakarta,
Putri Soe

Jaqueline Holiyanto said...

hi path and ci carol, long time no see ! seems like path had fun there :) love the picts !

sara josephine - sartob said...

aaaw seru bgt jalan2nyaaaaa pingin bgt ke US jugaaa huhu. anw, gk sabaar for your new header ;) nyaw nyaawww hihi


titaz said...

Haii kalian berduaaaa

sudah pulangkah dari sanaaa?
aah foto2nya kereen.
jadi pengen kesana hihihi.

Ditunggu oleh2nya yaaaa

Hello from Indonesia :D

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Alexa Carey said...

Looks like a fun little trip!