Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Lost

大家好!(Shanghainese: dâka-hô)

Last December, we went to Shanghai and those three words were the only Shanghainese language that we abled to pick up. Yet, because we speak Mandarin pretty well, we had no trouble making our way around the city.

And as always, this is a self-guide trip! We have a pretty adventurous family after all.

The fortune cookie that P picked up just a day before we took off to Shanghai; was this trip destined?

A garden art work just under The Oriental Pearl Tower

C who opted for her tourist look rather than blended in like a local

P and our little brother who dislikes camera

Hazy view from level B (2nd highest level) of The Oriental Pearl Tower
They closed the highest observation deck due to the haze, so unfortunate!

Surprisingly, it took few minutes to muster up courage and stand on this glass deck

On the lower deck, they have this. A glass box full of Rilakkuma, what a nice way to attract tourists to spend their Yuan coins.

And these are all made of wax. It was a rather creepy museum.

You may asked, "Where's the Xiao Long Bao?"
One thing about traveling with our mom is that there is no perfect trip without tasting Thai restaurant in every countries. This one is Simply Thai in the IFC Mall Shanghai (not Hong Kong!)

Xin Tian Di area which barely felt like China

One rather memorable moment while strolling around Xin Tian Di area, we kind of went in and out any alleys we encountered. In one alley, there were so many clothes hanging on a wire from wall to wall that criss-crossed above us. It looked like we were at the back alley of some resident houses. But, there was this one European style building that looked old and had Korean letters on it. We wondered what were Koreans doing here?

After we went home, we found out that the building was a government office of Provisional Government of The Republic of Korea, the governing institution of Korea in exile. Interesting historical stuff! 

P's nail art that day!

The Chinese KFC had corn-filled nugget menu which intrigued our curiosity, which ended up in disappointment and regrettable food waste because it didn't taste as good as it looked.

Yes, every chocolate lovers' dream; a Ferrero Rocher christmas tree. We encounter this on Nanjing Lu.
Sadly, it was guarded by security officer and no one could touch it

Yi Yuan or Yi Garden
A boring tourist destination if you ask us. We wonder why it received such good reviews from other tourists. The place was way too modernized for something that was actually ancient.

On the side note, students and children actually only needed to pay half price. C and our little brother went in, but no matter how C tried to tell the ticket office that she was still a student, the ticket lady still thought C was our brother's mom. Why oh why.

Last evening in Shanghai - lost when trying to find our way back to the hotel.

Our favorite Hong Kong street snacks!
One thing about the stores who sell this kind of food; they smell really bad. But, if you just put up your nose blockade, pointed the tasty enoki wrapped in beef slice, waited for the grilling, and didn't forget to pay, you'd get these food that shoot you off the ground

Causeway Bay, as usual.

And as always, we went to our favorite building, Island Beverley which houses imported Korean and Japanese fashion items. Got ourselves a bowler with ears!

Ready to explore the island of Cheung Chau!

Cheung Chau, one of a getaway destinations from the hustle bustle of Hong Kong

Our Hong Kong relatives kept reminding us to wash the dishes before eating.
And this is the way you should do it.

Had lunch at local Dim Sum restaurant

Egg tarts which made us drooled

Fish-shaped bread filled with red bean

P's nail art of the day, featuring O.P.I Skyfall which she just got a day before at a secretive nail polish store in Mongkok.

The store was located at level 8 of an ordinary looking office. Who knew such serious themed place had a nail polish haven?
Oh yeah, P.

A 10 out 10 display for Christmas in a shopping mall at Central area.
Those cable cars actually moved!

Decided to check out Diamond Hill Park. Such a nice place to relax.

Waited for New Year Countdown at Avenue of Stars

Happy New Year 2013!

We hope you're not bored of our travel posts.

Blogging has been a questionable path for us these days.

As we dive deeper into college life, we find that there are so much to do that we can barely take pictures of our daily outfits anymore, so rather than forcing unsatisfying photos, we opt not to posting outfit pictures. You can expect occasional photos of our outfit, but Castor Pollux won't be the same fashion blog as it used to be. This page will turn into a space for us to pour our thoughts, interests, and experiences that go through beyond fashion.

To be truthful, we are not so much of "brand people". However, as we go down the road, we find that brands and style are inseparable. One can't categorize yourself as passionate in fashion if she has no idea which designers design this and that, one should able to make sacrifice when wearing this super It heels or that glamorous jacket. We maybe wrong, but we believe in creativity; we appreciate those who able to style various items into something that "screams" the wearer of the outfit, we hate to feel uncomfortable when wearing an item. Thus, until we find out what's the real meaning of fashion to us, do not get bored of random and seldom posts.


Melinda Jewell said...

u r a cute girl. ps:we are definitely not bored of your travel post. i never been to china, but i dying to go there. Beautiful China.

Fanny Yuniar said...

NICE POST! love china due to your blog ;)


Mustika said...

look like you had a wonderful journey dear! soooo envy. would you like to follow each other? :)